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FOOD COOP looks at the workings of a highly profitable supermarket, Brooklyn's Park Slope Food Coop, which for 44 years has been a shining example of a successful alternative economic system at work.


"A curious and benevolent stroll through...this unique store."
Jérémy Gallet, aVoir aLire

"A healthy place...Exceptional...Enthusiastic."

"A truly thrilling film."
Céline Zug, Boite à Culture

"Tells the story of Park Slope Food Co-op in Brooklyn-a 44-year-old, highly successful food co-op...The film shows viewers the whole gamut of store operations - from committees, to stocking, to produce and dairy buying, to walking customers to the subway...This film is a fascinating study of how a community has organized itself to collectively govern and manage a very complex social enterprise."
Steve Dubb, Senior Editor, Nonprofit Quarterly

"A rare, candid look into the life of Park Slope Food Co-op, and the lives of the co-op's members. The film provides a glimpse into the methods and culture employed in this exceptionally successful co-op. An intriguing resource for instructors or organizers looking to explore the nuances of collective entrepreneurship through a real-world example that has been sustained at scale for several decades."
Tom Pierson, Co-op Educator

"An amusing and enlightening food exposé...Capture[s] the essence of this unique emporium with a blend of humor and pragmatism, underlining how a sustainable business needs to have more in mind than just the bottom line in order to survive."
Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter

"This work wonderfully presents the successes and challenges that cooperative organizations face...Park Slope Food Co-op is a shining example of how people can work collectively - literally - to access quality products at affordable prices. As an educator, I appreciated that the film focused Park Slope's value-driven business: if you can tap into people's common values, you can build something really special that fulfills our collective human propensity for support and cooperation."
Keri L. Jacobs, Assistant Professor and Cooperatives Extension Economist, Department of Economics, Iowa State University

"A fabulous inside look at Park Slope, one of the most iconic food coops of the past half century. With some of the best footage of a cooperative I have seen, the filmmakers take us beyond the membership barriers to see how the coop functions on a day-to-day basis and to meet many of the personalities that make the coop so successful. Offering a vivid illustration of a cooperative economy at work, this film will be valuable both in and out of the classroom."
Craig Borowiak, Associate Professor and Chair, Political Science, Haverford College

"FOOD COOP not only highlights a successful cooperative venture, but also addresses the urgent need for access to food in urban markets...The film does a great job of showing the value of cooperation by way of example...There are shining moments in this film that teach us that cooperation can be a balancing force when the market fails to provide what consumers need."
Dr. John Park, Roy B. Davis Professor of Agricultural Cooperation, Texas A and M University

"This detailed examination of the Park Slope Food Co-op explores both the benefits and challenges associated with providing affordable high quality foods in urban neighborhoods...Particular attention is focused on the importance of the unpaid labor provided by the diverse membership that is a requirement for membership. The in-depth treatment of this unique cooperative venture will allow interested viewers to garner sufficient information to organize similar efforts that can address the problem of food deserts confronting many communities."
James Stewart, Professor Emeritus, Labor and Employment Relations, African and African American Studies, Management and Organization, Pennsylvania State University


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